The emergence of Linux is the most exciting development in the operating system arena (and possibly the entire software industry) in well over a decade, offering the best chance to break the Microsoft stranglehold on the PC desktop. Linux is an open source operating system (free of charge) that has already captured a significant portion of the server market.

Starfire Research provides onsite technical support for Linux in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) area. For more information, please email us at

Linux comes in many flavors (distributions). We have used several versions of RedHat, Caldera, Corel, Debian, and Mandrake distributions.

Basic Linux Commands - command line Linux commands.

Linux Server Configuration Notes - odds and ends of configuring up a Linux server.

CVS - notes and links for setting up a CVS server

mySQL - notes on using and running mySQL

phpBB - How to set up a phpBB message board

Samba - setting up Samba for file sharing with a Windows network

RedHat 7.2 Guide - notes on using RedHat 7.2

CGI & Java How To - how to make a Java program executable via CGI

SSH - how to secure SSH (written for Fedora)

LINKS to information and resources on the web:

Linux HeadQuarters
Linux Weekly News
The Linux Hardware Database


Linux software sites:

RPM Find
KDE Applications
App Watch