Java 3D Community MMORPG Project
(Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game)

This is a gathering of Java 3D developers to create a base framework for a MMORPG that we can each customize and produce out own products from.  The source for the common code is freely shared by all.

Icebone has set up an automatic mailing list on his server.  To subscribe send an email to  I'm sorry but I have no way to automatically transfer the existing thirty or so members to this list.

Our first task is to decompose this project into smaller tasks.  I propose the following breakdown:

Server <-> Messaging <-> Client
AI Process

Each of these components will be broken down on their respective pages.

For a start here is Dave Yazel's "Xith" source:
    xith (156K)

This looks like a great start but it's going to take some time to wade through it so that we understand the structure and how it works.  I'll try to work with Dave to generate some documentation in the near future.

Kevin Duling submits this networking code:
    Zurn (83K)
    Comm Documentation
I haven't looked at this yet.  Kevin indicated he may write up some usage documentation (which I'm sure would be greatly appreciated).

RuneWar - IceBone's server, we can use the messaging boards there.
Java Products & APIs - Sun

If you have questions about this project you may send email to: John Wright