Java 3D

Sun has developed the Java 3D API to allow Java developers to create 3D virtual worlds. This is the core specialization of our business.


Starfire Research's Java3D FAQ
Supplemental Documentation (collection of notes from various people)
Java 3D Installation Page
Java 3D Implementation - OpenGL vs DirectX
Introduction to Java3D Programming Concepts
Orientation and Math
Java3D Interest Group Mailing List Archives
Sun's Java3D FAQ
Current Java 3D 1.3.1 Bugs
Java Bug Parade
Eric Reiss Website

Code Library

Florin Herinean's Euler Angle Transform Analyzer

Sample Java3D Applets

Pulsing Text
Brown University's Applets (demonstrate some 3D concepts)

Java 3D Extensions

Inspector3DS/Loader3DS - a 3DS format loader
AC3D - a loader for AC3D format files
(An AC3D modeler can be found here)

Jet Propulsion Laboratories Patti Koenig's FastScript3D


Web3D Repository (source for sounds, textures, etc)
J-Cad (a CAD program written in Java 3D)
jrMan - a 3D Renderer

Book Reviews

Java 3D Books

3D User Interfaces with Java 3D by Jon Barrilleaux

Java 3D Programming by Daniel Selman - website link (source code available for downloading.

Java 3D API Jump-Start by Aaron Walsh & Doug Gehringer - very well written, probably should be a "must read" for new Java 3D programmers.

General 3D Graphics Books


Java 3D Community MMORPG Project



Examples of some of our work can be seen in our 3D Modeling section.