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Java is often confused with JavaScript. Java (developed by Sun Microsystems) is a full featured, object oriented (similar to C++), cross platform (runs on many different computers without modification), programming language. JavaScript (developed by Netscape) is a scripting language enhancement for html documents (web pages).

Our specialization is in Java 3D.

API Documentation

IDE Guide

Version Control Software

IDE Comments and Recommendations (Old)

Java 7 Features

Java Patterns Terminology & UML Guide

Java Essentials (Tips/Documentation)

Java Programming Tips
Swing Programming Tips

Logging (Sun vs Log4j)

Operators & Escape Sequences Quick Reference

Recommended Coding Standards

Java & Multi Core CPUs
Foreign Language Issues Guide

JOAL (Java OpenAL Audio)
JOGL (Java OpenGL 3D Video)
JXInput (Connection to Joysticks, etc)
Java Networking Documentation

Java Web Development (J2EE)

Core Security Patterns (Book Review/Discussion)

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