Drinking plenty of clean water is extremely important for good health. The general recommendation is to drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Many people think that drinking juices, tea, coffee or even worse soda, provides all the water they need. Unfortunately this is not a healthy approach to staying hydrated.

Tap water usually contains significant amounts of flouride and chlorine (toxins) and numerous other environmental toxins such as prescription drugs, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.

Bottled water is often nothing more than tap water put into plastic bottles. Some bottled water, for example "Dasani", are completely lacking in minerals except for fluoride.

Water filtration comes in several forms.

Reverse osmosis filtration is very good at removing toxins but leaves the water lacking minerals.

Ionic / Alkaline water filtration is perhaps the best method of filtration (and has other claimed benefits) but unfortunately is quite expensive (a good filter costs about $1,500). Supporting Research:

Effects of ionized water treatment:

(mg/L) Before After
Calcium 23.5 41
Magnesium 4.4 9.23
Sodium 21.97 14
Potassium 13.04 2.07
Sulphate 9.97 24.68

Test data provided by Entech Analytical (see http://www.heartspring.net/water_ionizer_hazards.html for a more detailed discussion)

Running softened water through an ionizing water purifier may pass more sodium and potassium than desired into the water.

Water from springs that have good mineral content are some of the healthiest waters in the world. One such water is "Volvic" water (from young volcanic springs in France). Unfortunately buying Volvic water is very expensive and the shipping costs are often extremely high. Sources of Volvic water are:



Two liters of well water (USDA database) contains (obviously this will depend on the location of the well):

Two liters of tap water (USDA database) contains:

Information about toxins in our water can be found at: http://www.ewg.org/

The cities of Minneapolis and Moorhead water supplies have tested positive for perchlorate contamination, this effects a total of 515,000 people.

The city of Savage water supply tested positive for 15 contaminants.

Water Test Kits can be purchased from:



Notes on Brands of Bottled Water

"Ice Mountain" (Nestle) - the two springs (Rodney & Evart) are in the middle of Michigan (not the upper pennisula). This is probably a reasonably low pollution area as it is far from any major city. Nestle claims to preserve14,000 acres around the springs.