Diagnostic Testing

Blood Tests - Understanding blood test results (check with your doctor, do not rely on this web page)

Telemere Length Testing - Repeat Diagnostics or Spectracell

Genetic Testing

Saliva Tests - hormone level testing

Stool Tests

Urine Tests

Tissue Analysis

Ideal Health - http://www.idealhealth.com/ - offers urine and salivia tests (and a blood spot test for allergies) but is closely tied to selling you their vitamin supplements (automatic sales if your test indicates you "should" have them). The tests are generally $99 each but beware of extra costs from automatic shipment of supplements. The tests are actually done by MetaMetrix Clinical Laboratory.

Intelligent Wellness - http://www.intelligentwellness.com/ - tests also run by MetaMetrix and Douglas Labs

MetaMetrix - http://www.metametrix.com/ - only permits tests to be ordered by licensed healthcare providers. Their website provides good information about what tests are available, what is measured and what nutritional intervention can improve the condition.