Massage Therapy

Human touch has long been known as very therapeutic.

There are two main benefits from massage therapy that are beyond dispute:


Modern humans live in a very unnatural state of constant stress. Our physiology was not designed for this type of constant stress. Day to day stresses trigger excessive release of cortisol, leading to "adrenal burnout". We need to find ways to relax. One excellent way to relax is to receive a massage and let the worries of the day fade away.

Lymphatic Flow

We are all aware of our blood flow as we can't live without it for more than a few minutes. However, fewer people are aware of their lymphatic system which is another fluid transport system in our bodies. Lymphatic fluid is moved when we move our bodies and work our muscles. During normal exertion, lymph flows into the general circulation through the thoracic duct at a rate of 125 ml per hour. Massage is another excellent way to stimulate lymphatic flow. An important role of lymph fluid is to transport immune system cells and to carry away toxins from our cells.

Energy Healing

This is a truly amazing technique. Using placement of hands at strategic energy centers and lines on the body can result in amazing feelings of warmth and energy. It's a technique you really have to try before dismissing it. Conventional scientific thinking would lead you to assume this would have no effect. Yet, cutting edge technology, like the "Ondamed" machine are actually based on the same scientific concepts of applying energy to the body at the same frequencies and intensity of human touch.

Emily Danielzuk


Emily Danielzuk grew up in Minnesota with a family that used homeopathy as common practice. Her mom used Reiki, acupressure and herbal remedies as a method of alternative healthcare for Emily and her siblings.

Emily graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefreâ’s School of Professional Massage in 2001, and she began her career in massage working for a chiropractic clinic in Eagan. Emily opened her own massage practice in 2003, Body & Soul Awakening, and has recently relocated to The Center for Alternative Healing in Apple Valley. She attends classes on healing, meditation and the holistic arts at the Center for Wholeness in Edina, and enjoys furthering her spiritual education.

Contact Information

Phone #: 651-485-9787



Healing Modalities

Energy Healing - Reduces stress and boosts confidence and spiritual happiness by working with the subtle energy system within and around you.

Chair Massage - Fully clothed massage in a relaxing seated position.

Deep Tissue Massage - Deep pressure and trigger point therapy used to relieve tension and chronic pain.

Relaxation Massage - The perfect way to relax and escape from stress, also aids in common aches, pains and stresses that are part of daily life.

Injury Massage - Gentle massage to improve circulation and promote healing from injury.

Hot Stone Massage - Warm stones are moved on the skin to generate deep, soothing relaxation.

Fees & Discounts

Chair Massage: $1.50 per minute.

Relaxation, Injury, or Deep Tissue Massages: 30 minutes - $45, 60 minutes - $70, 90 minutes - $100

Hot Stone Massage: 60 minutes - $80, 90 minutes - $120

Energy Healing: 60 minutes - $70, 90 minutes - $100

All First-time clients receive 50% off their first session!

Payment Options: Cash or check

Gift Certificates available

Cancellation Policy: Please call 24 hours prior to your session to cancel.