"I have always felt that the only trouble with scientific medicine is that it is not scientific enough. Modern medicine will become really scientific only when physicians and their patients have learned to manage the forces of the body and the mind that operate in vis medicatrix naturae [the healing power of nature]" - Rene Dubos (in the introduction to "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins)

"Name and Blame" is one of the fundamental flaws in how most people look at health. Doctors and most people like to assign a name to a problem and blame it for their poor health. Doctors will diagnose you with a "disease" and then prescribe a drug for that disease. This fails to address the underlying cause of the problems.

One of the worst offenders, of "name and blame" is the average person that dismisses their problems as "genetic" and uses that as an excuse for not dealing with their problems. The most common occurance of this is being overweight, people will frequently dismiss their weight issues as "it's in my genes". This completely overlooks that your genes are just the hardware you are born with, what determines your health is how those genes are expressed. And what determines how your genes are expressed is what you eat.

Starfire Research provides anti-aging medicine and nutritional health consulting to educate people about the scientific steps that can be done by an individual (with and/or without requiring the cooperation of a licensed physician) to optimize their own health.

It is important to understand that the knowledge of any single individual is only a small fraction of the known understanding of human physiology. And that the entire known understanding of human physiology is only a small fraction of the complete complexity of nature.

"In 2001, the Institute of Medicine estimated that it takes up to 17 years to integrate only 30 percent of clinical recommendations from medical research." [Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, March 2009]

Having a resource that is dedicated to studying current research is extremely valuable if you want the most up to date health care possible. Starfire Research would like to be that resource for you.

There is no individual that can understand you (and your health), as an individual case, better than yourself. Blind faith in a doctor, or any other person, puts you at the mercy of the limitations of his or her knowledge.

Starfire Research advocates taking responsibility for your own health. Usage of drugs and damaging therapies should be restricted to dealing with immediate crisis situations, where these drugs and therapies can work miracles to save lives. Every prescription should have a plan to phase out and stop usage before side effects can do more harm than good.

The German word for doctor, "Arzt", implies a superior form of health care. A true "healer" is an artist, someone that listens and integrates all the information about an individual, and blends education and experience, to recommend a unique approach for improved health for that individual person. There are some excellent doctors that are very good at this, but they can do their job better if you understand your own health and can help point them in the correct direction. Starfire Research is dedicated to helping you understand yourself better so that you can direct your own healthcare.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is information found during extensive research. Every effort possible has been made to ensure the quality of information on this website, however no guarantee of it's accuracy can be made. It is not medical opinion and should not be the basis of any medical health decisions.