Whole foods plant based diet recommendation

Foods - What is healthy, what isn't so healthy.

Fruits - Analysis of fruits

Grains - a discussion of the issues of grains

Organic - information about organic food USDA Organic

Eat Wild - healthy eating information (mostly a listing of healthy farms to obtain meat and dairy from)

Cornucopia Institute - organic egg ratings scorecard

The China Study - One of the more important sources of nutritional health data.

Visit the T. Colin Campbell Foundation website: http://www.tcolincampbell.org/

Tea - http://ratetea.com - has info and ratings on many brands of tea.

Recipe Assistant - quickly generates recipe ideas for the foods you select to include or exclude. (not necessarily healthy though)

Artisan Bistro - healthy food prepared and shipped to you.

World's Healthiest Foods - A website full of information about eating healthy.

Non GMO Shopping Guide - Information to help avoid buying GMO items.

Some organizations involved in ethical production of good food:





Sources of healthy food in the Minnesota area:

Grass Fed Cattle Company
The Grass Fed Cattle Company distributes beef which was raised and processed with the greatest of care. So when you need a little beef to flavor your meal, buy some of the healthiest beef that is available. Note: your diet should be primarily plant foods and only 5% to 10% meat (preferably fish). This means adding a little meat to your rice to flavor it, or topping your pizza with a little meat, it does not mean having a half pound slab of steak as your main course. A portion of meat should be four ounces (small enough to fit in the palm of your hand). The meat you consume should be raised naturally. That means it should be lean, from plenty of exercise roaming freely, and fed a natural diet, grasses not grains. Also being locally processed rather than stressed out on a long truck ride to Nebraska is desirable.
Green Pastures Dairy

Green Pastures Dairy sells healthy, natural cheese (and a few other items), they are located just south of Duluth, Minnesota. Their cows are grass fed and the cheese is aged naturally without pasteurization.

By using milk from cows that were fed a natural grass diet, and aging the cheese naturally rather than pasteurizing it, the resultant cheese has a healthier nutrient profile.

Trader Joe's - a national chain which sells many good healthy foods at good reasonable prices. There are three stores in the twin cities area and a fourth being built in St. Paul.

Whole Foods Market - a national chain which has a good reputation for selling good food at reasonable prices. They have a store in St. Louis Park (near Trader Joe's) and one in St. Paul.

A resource for finding local food sources is:


http://www.alaskaharvest.com/ - Alaskan Harvest

http://www.grasslandbeef.com/ - US Wellness