Anti-Aging Medicine & Nutritional Health Consulting F.A.Q.

What is “Anti-Aging Medicine”?

Anti-aging medicine is the concept of being able to slow down your rate of aging by optimizing your health.

What will I learn from a consultation session?

The goal of consultation is to educate people about how to take control of their own health. The media is full of reports about “eating healthy” and “exercising” but generally fails to explain the science behind how to be healthy or how to apply current knowledge to you as an individual.

A consultation session will introduce you to several concepts that you can apply to your life. An important aspect of a consultation session is to inform you about diagnostic tests you can order yourself. I believe that it's important to go beyond the general advice of “eat healthy and exercise” and to obtain information about yourself, as an individual, which will help you to make decisions and adjustments to your life. These test results can inform you on dietary and lifestyle changes, that you may wish to make, in order to live a longer productive life.

Specific Example:

Over the past three years there has been a flood of research revealing the critical importance of vitamin D. Various sources report figures from 40% to 80% of American's are deficient in vitamin D.

“In fact, women in the highest category of 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood level had an amazing 70% reduction in their risk of breast cancer. “ - Life Extension Foundation “New Scientific Options for Preventing Breast Cancer” by Laurie Barclay, MD

“Scientists are calling on the government to increase the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin D to 2000 International Units (IU).” (this is ten times higher than the current RDI) -

A simple blood test, which costs $47, will let you know your current vitamin D blood level. This knowledge can guide you in correctly supplementing Vitamin D to obtain optimum levels. Maintaining optimum vitamin D status provides extremely important health benefits, the most well known benefits being absorption of calcium to maintain bones, protection from cancer and protection from heart disease.

Can I live longer?

Some scientists believe that the human lifespan may be able to be extended but currently the general belief is that maximum human lifespan is roughly 120 to 130 years. What anti-aging medicine and optimum nutrition aim to accomplish is to keep you healthy and active for as many of those years as possible.

Are you a doctor?

No, although I have taken the training to be board certified in anti-aging medicine, I do not have a physician's degree and I can not prescribe drugs nor diagnose an illness. My areas of expertise are in diagnostic testing, nutrition, hormones, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

What is the A4M?

A4M is the “American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine” (, an organization which helps educate doctors about the latest research and promotes the concept of anti-aging medicine. I am honored to be a member of the A4M and consider the training they have provided to me to be extremely valuable. I would like to share this knowledge, so that it can benefit everyone, preferably before they have an encounter with a serious disease.

What is the Life Extension Foundation?

LEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research for important topics that can't otherwise obtain funding because there is no profit motive to justify investment by a pharmaceutical company. LEF makes diagnostic (mostly blood) tests and pharmaceutical quality supplements available to the public.

My doctor says I'm “fine”, what is “optimum health”?

A key aspect of anti-aging medicine is to not accept the basic attitude of “you are normal for your age”. Optimum health comes from tuning your body to function like it did in your 20s (or as close as you can reasonably achieve). This means taking a closer look at your diagnostic test results and aiming to reach optimum levels not just falling within the “reference range”.

How can I schedule a consultation?

Please send an e-mail to