Starfire Research provides a personal approach to health optimization via nutrition, using innovative interpretation of diagnostic test results.

Starfire Research is not some faceless diagnostic test company which sends you a report full of numbers. Starfire Research is the company name under which John Wright provides personal attention to your individual case. Using a "functional medicine" approach, your diagnostic tests are interpreted and you are provided with an individualized report. By getting to know you as an individual, John is able to provide old style personal attention to your health concerns (yes, John even does house calls).

For cost effective, personal attention, consultation via e-mail is available and encouraged.

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Key Aspects of our Approach to Health

Services for Doctors & Health Care Providers

Starfire Research provides cost effective functional analysis of lab test results. These detailed reports can be the foundation to providing your clients with a written evaluation of their metabolism with suggestions on how they could potentially optimize and improve their health.

Current Research Trials Underway

Starfire Research is currently performing research trials on the benefits of oxaloacetic acid supplementation. This is involving both looking at improved glucose metabolism and athletic performance. (We currently don't have the resources to be investigating the life extension benefits. Although we will be monitoring to see if any dramatic change in IGF-1 levels occurs.)

Starfire Research is a small group of individuals, led by John Wright, who believe that people can enjoy healthy lives without the most common current causes of death. This approach to health has several names depending on who you talk to: "Anti-Aging Medicine", "Functional Medicine", "Orthomolecular Medicine", "Breakthrough Medicine". We just call it "Optimal Health".

By combining nutrition with the latest diagnostic tests, each individual can adjust their metabolism to allow their body to function optimally and achieve a long, healthy, productive life free of cancer, cardiovascular disease, drugs and nursing homes.

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In 2008, John Wright joined the A4M, which provides education and information about health. Click on their logo to visit their website. The A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) is the world's largest organzation dedicated to the advancement and promotion of knowledge to detect, prevent and treat aging related diseases and to promote research into methods to optimize human longevity. The A4M holds several conferences per year, around the world, where members gather and exchange knowledge about optimal health.

John Wright is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. The core of functional medicine is to examine and promote the natural processes of the body. The IFM trains health care providers in patient centered, personalized medicine, as opposed to disease oriented medicine.

Life Extension is a nonprofit organization which funds research, publishes educational material and high quality nutritional supplements. Starfire Research works with Life Extension to enhance your health.

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One of the most exciting breakthroughs of the past decade has been the discovery of a molecule which activates telomerase. This can be thought of as a weak "fountain of youth". As a licensed provider, Starfire Research is proud to offer TA-65 to our clients. You can read more about it or order it here.

The above image, illustrates how normal aging shortens telomeres resulting in non-functioning DNA. The fourth frame shows telomeres restored by telomerase.

A thought on TA-65: one client asked me if she could stop taking all her other supplements if she took TA-65. I compare this to the idea of a college kid living on "Mountain Dew and Cookies". Yes, you can do it, but just like that college kid you would be wasting your youth by not providing it with proper nutrition. Why pour a lot of money into getting younger if you are only going to age yourself faster by abusing your body? In my opinion, those who get spectacular results with TA-65, use it in combination with an excellent nutritional program.

For some important supplements, we were unable to find reasonably priced supplements that met our quality standards, so we arranged to have some manufactured for us by one of the highest quality facilities in the USA. Other than these supplements we generally recommend the high quality supplements which Life Extension makes available at reasonable prices.

Influenza A (H1N1) (aka "Swine Flu") Information

Disclaimer: The information on this website is information found during extensive research. Every effort possible has been made to ensure the quality of information on this website, however no guarantee of it's accuracy can be made. It is not medical opinion and should not be the basis of any medical health decisions.