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TA-65 critical for telomere and DNA health

The Wright family has over one thousand years of family history full of examples of leadership, engineering feats, and caring for others. Our family has been active in promoting freedom, women's rights and education. Engineers, doctors and leaders fill our family tree. We are proud to continue this tradition into the twenty first century.


Is it time to be proactive about "aging"? Are you looking to maintain or restore your youthful health?

Using TA-65 as the cornerstone of our program, we can help you implement a custom optimum health program.

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One of the most exciting breakthroughs of the past decade has been the discovery of a molecule which activates telomerase. This can be thought of as a weak "fountain of youth". As a licensed provider, Starfire Research is proud to offer TA-65 to our clients. You can read more about it or order it here.

The above image, illustrates how normal aging shortens telomeres resulting in non-functioning DNA. The fourth frame shows telomeres restored by telomerase.

A thought on TA-65: one client asked me if she could stop taking all her other supplements if she took TA-65. I compare this to the idea of a college kid living on "Mountain Dew and Cookies". Yes, you can do it, but just like that college kid you would be wasting your youth by not providing it with proper nutrition. Why pour a lot of money into getting younger if you are only going to age yourself faster by abusing your body? In my opinion, those who get spectacular results with TA-65, use it in combination with an excellent nutritional program.